Off the beaten path treks in Nepal

We consider that many travelers don't like hectic and crowed major hiking trails with full of tourists in well established traditional hiking routes such as Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Circuit but want to hike to the off the beaten track and less travelled areas to experience authentic Nepal wilderness and local experience to explore the remote unspoiled authentic culture staying away from the big tourist scene. Wilderness Excursion;  a Kathmandu based well reputed trekking and tour company introduces some of the best off the beaten path trekking trails into non touristy areas that expected to reward the travelers best wilderness holidays into isolated and less visited areas having ideal culture, tradition and still offering breath stopping mountain vista, walk through untouched green lushes and experience most welcoming home stays and interact with locals of unforgettable experience than a staying in well-built commercial lodges in major routes. We have crafted 14 of less touristy trekking packages and proposed are; Tamang Heritage Trek in Langtang, Pikey Peak Trek in lower Khumbu, Rara Lake trek in far western Nepal, Kanchenjunga Trek, Lower Dolpo trek from Beni, Nar Phu Valley Trek, Tilicho Lake Trek, Indigenous Peoples Trail Trek, Lamjung Himal Trek and Baglungpani and Ghanpokhara trek.

  • Sunset view from Khopra Danda

    Khopra Danda Trek

    Trip Duration 12 Days

    Khopra Danda (Ridge) Trek also known as Khayer Lake Trekking is one of the most impressively attractive untouched nature and…

  • Baglungpani Ghanpokhara Trek

    Baglungpani and Ghanpokhara Trek

    Trip Duration 13 Days

    Baglungpani and Ghanpokhara Trek in Annapurna region is one of the less trekked short treks in Nepal. The deep valleys…

  • Lamjung Himal Base Camp Trek

    Lamjung Himal Base Camp Trek

    Trip Duration 11 Days

    Lamjung Himal Trek offers an impressive view of north central Himalaya of Nepal. The journey traverses 4000m above the Marshyangdi…

  • Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

    Numbur Cheese Circuit Trek

    Trip Duration 15 Days

    The Numbur Cheese Circuit is a new trek in the Ramechhap District of Nepal. The starting point of the trek…

  • Bimthang Trek

    Bimthang Manaslu Trek

    Trip Duration 12 Days

    Bimthang situated in Manaslu trek route; explore magnificent trek beyond round Annapurna Trek in the peaceful environment which offers you…

  • Indigenous People Trail Trek

    Indigenous People Trail Trek

    Trip Duration 8 Days

    130 kilo meter drive to Ramechhap from Kathmandu valley takes you to the newly discovered and off the beaten track“Indigenous…

  • Sikles Kahfuche Lake Trek

    Sikles Kahfuche Lake Trek

    Trip Duration 9 Days

    Sikles Kahfuche Lake trekking is freshly discovered and proposed off the beaten trekking tail in Annapurna which is seldom visited…

  • Namun La Pass Trek

    Namun La Pass Trek

    Trip Duration 19 Days

    Namun La Pass Trek route was surveyed by Sir Chris Bonington and Barney Rosedale many years ago. The route to…

  • Nar Phu Circuit Trek

    Nar Phu Circuit Trek

    Trip Duration 13 Days

    Nar Phu Circuit trek –a newly developed off the beaten track trekking trails designed by Wilderness Excursion hiking through Phu…

  • Limi Valley Trek

    Limi Valley Trek

    Trip Duration 18 Days

    Limi Valley Trek in Jumla offers the access into rarely visited and mystic Limi Valley is like stepping back in…

  • An old Tamang Lady in Tamang Heriatge

    Tamang Heritage Trail Trek

    Trip Duration 7 Days

    Tamang Heritage Trail! A new experience for enthusiast Nepal travelers! Tamang Heritage Trek offers trekkers with the close experience of…

  • Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek

    Lapchi Kang Milarepa Cave Trek

    Trip Duration 13 Days

    A trek to give a full experience of this visually extraordinary and geographically isolated area, hugely rich in flora, wildlife…

  • Mohare Danda and Khopra Trek

    Mohare Danda and Khopra Trek

    Trip Duration 12 Days

    Mohare Danda Trek with Khopra Ridge via Nepal’s first internet village of Mahabir Poon’s Nagi village is newly designed community…

  • Makalu Base Camp Trek

    Makalu Base Camp Trek

    Trip Duration 19 Days

    Makalu base camp trek is one of the most popular wilderness trekking destinations among lonely trekkers, Makalu Base Camp Trek…

  • Pikey Peak Trek

    Pikey Peak Trek in lower Everest where less people travel

    Trip Duration 7 Days

    Pikey Peak Trek; a  recently promoted incredibly great trip in lower Everest Region can be the your best choice if…

  • a Lady with her kid in Phu

    Nar Phu Valley Trek

    Trip Duration 12 Days

    Nar Phu Valley Trek is a fantastic trip to the wild and lost valley of Nar Phu offering off the…

  • Mundhum Trail Trek

    Mundhum Trail Trek

    Trip Duration 12 Days

    The word “Mundhum” finds its roots in kirati culture and history; it’s an oral guide to the kirati way of…