Pradip Tamang

  • Pradip Tamang Director - Sales & Marketing

    Pradip, familiar for being an active, easy-going guy and an open-minded trekking expert, a tour leader and tourism passionate is a hard working guy with complete devotion toward Nepal mountain tourism and He is currently the founder and Director - Sales, Marketing and operation in Wilderness Excursion (P) Ltd. Pradip provides the leadership, take cares the public relation at the organization, and maintains strong and healthy relationship with our clients.

    Pradip; born and grew up Sertung Village on the lap of Ganesh Himal region now known as wonderful Ruby valley trekking. After completion of his school from his village school, shortly after he moved into Tourism field, joined and graduated in faculty of Social Science and Humanities from Tribhuvan University and now doing 3 Year Bachelor of Buddhism in Tribhuvan University. During his 19 years of growing experience guiding with countless Himalayas journeys and expeditions, he got a chance for organizing trips expertise in a depth and better way. With his hands-on extensive knowledge in trekking, rafting, climbing and expedition along with his continuous hard work and efforts, in 2011 he established his own agency Wilderness Excursion (P) Ltd to provide quality services and amazingly unforgettable trip experience to adventure travel seekers. And through this hard work Wilderness Excursion (P) Ltd is now a very well established company guiding more than 350 people from all over the world per trekking season.

    As a former professional Himalaya guide, and a very adventurous person he is expert in advising and modifying the trips understanding exactly what visitors want and need as Wilderness Excursion (P) Ltd client. Pradip is passionately dedicated to leading the tourism industry in a sustainable way and very active in contributing to the community initiatives to improve living standard , economic growth and quality education in the remote areas, particularly Ruby valley trekking. He has strong social values and believes that giving is always better than taking and has set aside 15% of the company’s business benefit solely for social work and charity.

    He believes in that the key to successive life is good thought and far-sighted plan with hard work. He is a good team leader, for him there is three kinds of family, his family at home, his crew and his clients. He does everything to ensure everyone he works with is happy as he always says ‘Happiness is the key, only happy people can make others Happy.’ He is always fond of sharing his experience and expertise in Himalayas treasure with visitors he wants to provide guidance not only in the Himalayas but also personal guidance as a friend and family. He looks ahead to do hospitality welcome and greeting you with the rewarding and challenging venture. He promises you to provide high standard personalized services with his well experienced and qualified working teams. Thank you!