Nepal trek post covid-19 pandemic

  • Updated on May 24, 2020
  • Pradip Tamang

It is hard to say how many of trekkers canceled the Nepal trek because of novel corona virus outbreak worldwide. Yes; we are locked in home and staying in quarantine, supporting government by following the order and advises. Many of us have lost the job, unskilled day workers are in worse situations, lack of money and suffering from hunger, and there is anxiety of financial crisis in middle class people. There are many who lost their dear ones because of virus infection, these cases are more pains than a job lose and hunger. 

However the life has to go on. We seek for peace and calming time after the stress arising from whatever situation is, no doubt; many of us agree that going hiking or walk in the nature heal us from mental disturbance. Many of us are tired of being locked in home. Trekking in the nature can be a very good remedy and therapy that helps us to stay positive and fills us with energy. There is a saying “I don’t need a therapy but need to go hiking”. Hiking does also have physical benefit that beats the diabetes, and burns the calorie etc. 

You can go hiking, camping or trekking wherever you can, in Alps, nearby mountains from your home or in trek in Nepal if you can afford flight fare after the epidemic situation is over, Nepal trek just after the covid-19 is over can be very peaceful and quiet as there are very less people on the trailhead. Usually Nepal’s classic trekking trail are flooded with people in peak seasons, it is even hard to find a room in Annapurna Base camp route and Everest base camp routes when you go higher,  so Nepal trekking trail post corona pandemic will be quiet and tranquil with very least trekkers that can be your kind of retreat in the nature. A data shows that 1.3 million people lost their job that they directly depend on Nepal’s mountain tourism and other tourism related industries like hotel and restaurants etc.  

If you are thinking about Summer trek in Nepal in June, July or August, contact your local tour operator in Kathmandu. They even may offer you cheap price than a usual price as it is better than nothing and everyone needing to exist and survive and go through the tough time until when the world goes back to normal. 
There are total 603 infections in Nepal and 87 out of them are recovered and 3 deaths reported till today 24th May 2020. Nepal extended ongoing lockdown again to Combat COVID–19 till 2nd June 2020, International and domestic flights are suspended until further notice. All the international boarders are closed to control the spread of virus. Hope it will come under control and we can go back to normal life soon. Let us hope for good and pray together for those who passed away. 

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We will keep update about how Nepal moves next steps. Hopefully domestic flights and public transportation should run by next months.  Dream now, travel later!