Tipping guides and porters in Nepal

As in other parts of the world, tipping is quite common in the service industry here in Nepal too. It is an additional expense you want to give to the service provider when you are pleased and satisfied with their services. Like other countries; in Nepal also tips are taken as a token of love and as a gesture of pleasure from the guests. Nepali people are quite friendly by nature and they are self-expressive. Most of the clients return with satisfaction and promise to come back again. Because of the friendly nature of guides, local people, and hotel crews, your travel becomes quite enjoyable. Because of all these factors the service providers get good tips from the clients.

However, tips are not mandatory and nobody can force you to tip the people your guide Sherpa, or porter expects some tips from you at the end of the trip. (Hiring Guide and Porter for Nepal Trekking). The service providers never ask for tips because it is the only clients who decide whether to thank them with the tips or not to tip them. But in most instances, the service providers hope for tips from the clients though they do not ask for it verbally. Usually, tips are given to those persons who are directly involved in your service. To name mostly your guide, Sherpa, and porters during the trek and tour in Nepal, the driver and other attendants who assist you in carrying your luggage and other stuff are supposed to get little tips as well.

How much to tip guides and porters in Nepal?

Though there is no specification of the amount for tips, tipping a small amount of money would disappoint the receiver rather than appreciation. Therefore, it is not compulsory to give. If you are tipping, give at least Rupees 100 which is less than USD 1 for bell boy or cleaning lady in hotels.

For example, if you go for 5 days of trekking then we recommend you to give at least USD 10.00 per day which is equal to USD 50.00 to the guide. Similarly USD 7.00 per day for your porter. Moreover; tipping rates also really depends on the person going to tip. It also depends on the duration and difficulty of your trek. Many travel agencies recommend 10% tips of the total travel package value you buy. If you’re going for a week or two, you can follow the below suggestions. 

Advised tipping amount

  • Tip USD 140+ for your guide and USD 80 for each porter if your trek is two weeks. If it is more than two weeks in high altitude or trekking through any 5000m mountain passes eg. Annapurna Circuit Trek through the 5416-meter high Thorong La Pass or Manaslu Circuit via Larke La (5160m). Tip your guide above USD 150 or above and USD 100 to your porter. 
  • USD 200 to 250 to your climbing guide if you are Climbing Peaks in Nepal. 
  • Besides giving cash, you may also leave behind pieces of gear that you no longer need. You may certainly have purchased some trekking essentials for your trek. And once you complete the trek, you can consider giving your team the extra equipment. It can serve them well as their work demands them to be on these trails on almost a daily basis.

How to Tip in Nepal?

  • You can either put your gift into an envelope or sensibly take the recipient aside. 
  • Make sure you tip your guide and porter each separately which ensures your amount of tip goes to the guide and porter separately. 
  • When tipping your trekking staff, it is best suggested to show your gratitude on the last evening of your trek. Some guides and porters may not be available the next morning and you may miss out on tipping. Also, you may regret not being able to share your final goodbyes. 

Whom to tip?

The following people are supposed to have tips in Nepal as they are directly involved in your service. 

  • Your trekking staff (guide. cook, helper, and porters)
  • Your climbing guide and supporters.
  • Drivers (No taxi drivers, fix the price before you take a cab, they are usually bargain hunters) 
  • Bell boy, cleaning lady in your hotel (In restaurants they usually charge a 10% service charge so it is not important to tip but  it is up to you) 

Favorite Currency

You can tip them any currency (USD, EURO, or NPR, etc) that easily gets exchanged in money changers or banks. However, tipping in Nepali rupees would be more convenient for those who don’t live in towns. They won’t have to worry about exchanging to use them finally. You can withdraw rupees from ATMs when you’re in Kathmandu or Pokhara. Or, you can exchange cash in any nearby money exchange counters.

Things to avoid while tipping

  • Do not showboat your generosity and kindness.
  • Avoid giving worn out and old clothes or goods. It may turn humiliating to the person receiving it.
  • Do not tip too little like any notes below Rs.100 (USD 1) to your guide and porter.

However, it is your intuition to give or not to give the tip. If you have any questions; please write to your Nepal travel expert or contact us

Thanks for reading.

Namaste & Have a Happy Trek!