Monuments Entrance fees in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Patan

Foreign travelers visiting UNESCO listed World Heritage sites in Nepal have to pay entry fee to get in the area. The people of south Asian countries which are member of SAARC have to pay less entrance fee in compared to people from other countries. Many tourists want to explore ancient and historical places happily paying entrance fee because it is worth paying to visit. The heritage sites are astonishing. They are not only beautiful architectures but also fountain spiritual places of Hinduism and Buddhism. Most of the constructions made have tantric background. It is the government who keeps the price of priceless monuments and make some money from tourists who visit it. Entry fees must be paid at the entry point. Please note that the information below is as per the information provided by the concerned department. Any difference or discrepancy could be reported at Updates will be made after verification from official sources.


Places Foregn National    SAAR National           
1. Kathmandu Durbar Square  NPR. 1000.00 NPR. 150.00       
2. Patan Durbar Square  NPR.1000.00         NPR 250.00   
3. Bhaktapur Durbar Square                                       USD 15.00      NPR 500.00 
4. Pashupatinath Temple                                           NPR.1000.00    NPR 1000.00
5. Boudhanath Stupa                                                 NPR 400.00  NPR. 100.00
6. Swayambhunath Stupa                                  NPR 200.00          NPR. 50.00
7. Patan Golden Temple                                             NPR. 50.00      NPR. 20.00
8. Changunarayan Temple                                       NPR. 300.00      NPR. 100.00
9. Chitwan National Park NPR 1500 + 13% Vat NPR 750 + 13% Vat
10. Lumbini NPR. 200.00 NPR. 100.00
11. Int'l Mountain Musuem Pokhara NPR. 400.00 NPR. 200.00
12. Nagarkot NPR. 300.00 NPR. 150.00