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Manaslu Trek which is believed to be the best alternative trek to former world famous Annapurna Circuit trek. Manaslu area is complete blend of cultural and natural heritage; is forbidden region that needs a restricted area trekking permission and trekking with licensed Nepalese guide is a must through a certified local trekking agency in Nepal. Do not worry for the guide fee, it is not that costly and trekking with a local guide is great fun that can make for a local experience. Whenever you go trekking, it’s always a good idea to witness if your trekking team have a local person on board. It’s not the same as speaking the language, and asking directions. It is more about learning and knowing about the people, place, culture, customs and knowing what and who is around the next corner, what happens where and the stories a place has to tell.

Pradip Tamang - Manaslu Trekking Guide with his clients from the Netherlands in 2013 November

It’s not always easy to find one however! The most able people often leave the hills and head to the city or overseas employment. So it requires some effort – and only by trekkers asking their trekking companies about this, will more reliable, secure work as local guides begin to come about. Supply will follow demand. This in addition to useful training courses which help guides provide better services.

General Outline Itinerary of Manaslu Trek
Day 01: Drive to Arughat (525m) – Soti Khola (700m) 7-8 Hours. Lodges are there.
Day 02: Trek to Machha Khola (887m), 6-7 Hours. Lodges are there.
Day 03: Trek to Jagat (1345m), 7 Hours. Good lodges there.
Day 04: Trek to Deng (1860), 6 -7 Hours. Two good lodges there.
Day 05: Trek to Namrung (2600m), 7 Hours. Good lodges with Wifi service.
Day 06: Trek to Lho Village (3180m) 4 Hours. Good lodges available there.
Day 07: Trek to Samagaon (3520m). 3-4 Hours walk. Several lodges available.
Day 08: Rest and acclimatization day. Explore around and relax.
Day 09: Trek to Samdo (3860m) reasonable lodges.
Day 10: Trek to Dharma Saala (4460m). 4 Hours trek. Two basic lodges available.
Day 11: Trek to Bimthang (3750m) via Larke La (5135m), Many good lodges.
Day 12: Trek to Goa (2560m) 6 Hours. Many good lodges.
Day 13: Trek to Chyamje 6-7 Hours. Many good lodges.
Day 14: Drive to Besi sahar and connecting drive to Kathmandu.

View  of Mt. Manaslu (8163 meter) and a Buddhist Entrance gate at Lho Village (3180m)

How much does it cost to hire a guide for Manaslu trek? 

The list of local trekking guides for the Manaslu Trek.

Pradip Tamang Guide Hire Price in USD 35.00 Per day
Aital Tamang Guide Hire Price in USD 30.00 Per day
Jay Ram Tamang Guide Hire Price in USD 30.00 Per day
Rahul Tamang Guide Hire Price in USD 25.00 Per day
Nurbu Sherpa Guide Hire Price in USD 25.00 Per day
Riddi Ghale Guide Hire Price in USD 25.00 Per day
Mingmar Tamang Guide Hire Price in USD 25.00 Per day
Garap Sangpo Lama Guide cum Porter Hire USD 25.00 Per day 
Porter Hire  USD 20.00 Per day

The guide and porter hire rate is subject to 10% tax and 13% vat. 

How much does it cost to hire a guide for Manaslu trek?
Of course; this question is rised in every trekker’s mind when they plan to hire a best guide to Manaslu. Yes; usually the Nepal trek guide hire cost is between 25 to 35 US Dollar depending on the quality and experience of your guide. Some guides are highly educated that your guide can explain about history, culture and religion in better language skill, they demand high wage as they have vast knowledge of trekking needs along with other basic guiding knowledge such as trekking route knowledge, first aid training, handling a crisis just in case of emergency. And in general; hiring a licensed trekking guide hire cost is USD 25 a day plus 10% tax and 13% vat. Porter guide cost is USD 20 a day. The price includes their daily wages, meals, accommodation and insurance.

View of Mount Manaslu from Pungyen Gompa which is a full day excursion from Sama Gaun

Manaslu Trek Permit
Manaslu trekking permit is only obtained through a government approved trekking agency in Nepal and trek with a approved guide is compulsory as Department of State Law. There must be minimum two foreign trekkers in the group to get permit. Manaslu trek permit costs USD 70.00 per person for first week and USD 10.00 per person each extra after 7 days from September to November and December to August: USD 50.00 for 7 days per person and after 7 days USD 7.00 per person. You will need extra two permits that is ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) Entrance Permit. NPR. 2260.00 Per person MCAP (Manaslu Conservation Area Project) Entrance Permit. NPR. 2260.00 Per person. Tsum Valley permit cost USD 35 per week for the months of September to November and USD 25 per week for the months of December to August.